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SCN: excellence at work

The SCN company has a long experience in the field: since 1973 it has offered its services to restore, preserve and paint vintage cars and supercars with all the love that is expected from those who work in Modena, in the heart of the Motor Valley. . Here, where some of the most exclusive engines in the world were created and then produced, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Ducati SCN found their home, all those who are part of the company team were born and raised breathing the special air of these places where the passion and love for engines passes from culture, it becomes a distinctive and unique fact. The company operates in the field by collaborating with the most prestigious brands in the area: since 2020 it has been Lamborghini’s official partner for carbon paint repairs as well as Pagani Automobili and even Ferrari for years. The great experience in the field allows SCN to carry out the painting of any carbon bodywork respecting the highest standards of quality and efficiency up to the point of carrying out customized painting interventions of cars in the racing department respecting colors and liveries. Only those with an innate passion for cars can dedicate so much attention and passion to it.

SCN was born and grows in the province of Modena, expands and creates collaborations sure of its experience in the sector; This company, which is so well rooted in the territory, deals not only with painting but also with restorations of vintage cars: with the experience acquired by the various mechanical departments for SCN it is possible not only to intervene directly on the cars with standard repairs but also to rebuild the various components no longer available on the market, maintaining their original specifications and even their shape. To do this, the sector of professionals who work on cars is chosen for professionalism, passion and manual skills capable of combining the best technologies available in the field with the craftsmanship of hand-made work. Precisely for this reason the company has international partners and has established itself over time as one of the most popular companies in the field of reconstruction, restoration and repair of historic and vintage cars.

In fact, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, the company aims to provide maximum precision and punctuality, combining everything with respect for the environment and sustainability, while at the same time managing to meet it, thanks to an experience of over forty years. , to all the specific needs of each individual customer. For those who want to choose only the best, this company, born in the heart of Modena, where engines are part of the social fabric of the city, is the right place to go to have any type of car repaired from historic cars to small cars, passing through the Supercars of ‘excellence. SCN always shows the utmost respect for the vehicle and its conditions and provides a convenient replacement car service while, with passion, it repairs, repaints and redefines the unique appearance of each individual model, restoring operational efficiency in each individual sector.