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Peluso Automotive – Eng

Among the Official Partners of Made in Motor Valley we find Peluso Automotive Group SRL, based in Italy and offering high-end transport services for all types of cars, throughout Europe.

Peluso Automotive Group is redefining the way cars are delivered.
Whether it’s luxury cars, racing cars or prototypes, the company has a proven track record in picking up and delivering cars on time and in the safest conditions possible.

Peluso Automotive Group recognizes the importance of the precious cargo it carries, not only in terms of price. Each car is transported like a work of art that will enter the history of the automobile. To bring the cars from point A to point B, the group uses insured, state-of-the-art, technologically advanced and completely enclosed transport vehicles.

Their transport vehicles are fully equipped with GPS devices for real-time vehicle tracking, so that customers are always up to date on the status of the transport. Their fleet is among the safest in Europe, thanks to the anti-intrusion alarms installed along the entire perimeter of each transport vehicle and the anti-panic alarms.

Peluso Automotive Group has been operating in the high-end car transport sector for a long time and understands the importance of timing, which is why its fleet has roadside assistance all year round throughout Europe.

For a smooth journey, the fleet offers a wide range of transport vehicles uniquely adapted to suit all types of cars, from low-height racing cars to larger versions. As a result, they can pick up and deliver the cars in ideal conditions. Their closed transport vehicles offer even more safety, privacy and protection.

The company has four offices throughout Italy, in Lecce, Modena, Milan and Turin, all easily reachable. The head office is in Lecce, near the Nard experimental track. The Modena office is obviously close to the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

Enjoy door-to-door collection and delivery by professional drivers, the best customer service to answer all your questions and a wide range of transportation options to choose from. Even if the vehicle is not running, their team of experts will load the vehicles and deliver them anywhere in Europe.