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Official Partner – Sim Maranello Eng

SIM Racing: eSports, driving and fun
A reality like that of SIM could only be born in the historic Maranello, here where engines and drivers have always been the undisputed protagonists, speed and driving are loved.
And excellence like this is part of the Made in Motor Valley Official Partner roaster.

To get to perform at the highest levels, today technology is a valid help capable of meeting the needs of even the most experienced and demanding professionals in the sector. The Racing Skill Team works nationally and internationally to offer the best solutions, adaptive and perfect driving simulators for a professional audience are their strength. For those who love driving, SIM Racing is the best place to discover the most advanced technologies at the service of simulators, starting from basic solutions, the company can build the perfect simulator for each customer using technicians specialized in car racing and with a past in the sector. automotive relief. Nothing is left to chance and this is why not only enthusiasts but also high-level eSports professionals choose the company as an important point of reference. Maranello and Emilia Romagna are the most iconic places of the car and racing movement in Italy and in the world, here historic houses such as Lamborghini and Ferrari were born and all those who live there feel a strong connection with high speed and the company in its DNA has precisely these values ​​and this passion. Science and sport in the corporate team come together to provide real driving experiences by taking simulation to a level never known before: dynamic platforms and faithfully reproduced commands allow you to experience the true pleasure of racing and training like a pro.
Always offering the utmost professionalism, high-performance and realistic tools that allow a complete immersion in the moment of driving, mean that the experience of trying a SIM Racing simulator turns into something unforgettable. Perfect for intense training sessions in safety, for private and corporate events and for digital sports professionals, the company’s simulators are created with the sole intention of providing maximum performance and the most realistic driving possible. Those who love racing know that every second, every detail can decree victory or defeat and the SIM Racing company passionately loves this world. The attention to every single detail and every customization is aimed at providing a final product tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer since only in this way will the driving experience be as exciting as that on a historical track. Thanks to dedicated advice and an intuitive system of choices, each individual user will be able to see his requests fulfilled, this allows you to have the easiest, fastest and simplest possible shopping experience.