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Official Partner – ReFuel Solutions – Eng

ReFuel Solution: technological innovation and ecological revolution start from the Motor Valley

ReFuel Solution is the innovative reality that the transport market needs, born thanks to the idea of ​​young engineers from Modena and strongly rooted in its territory.

Made in Motor Valley is proud to have you as an official partner.

A territory that of the Motor Valley where the link with the automotive industry is so strong that it has become a cultural factor. With ReFuel Solution and its biodiesel innovations, a green vision of traffic is lit up, a revolution for an eco-sustainable road network starts from Modena that allows to reduce not only the costs but the environmental impact of road freight transport. The company was born in the Motor Valley only in 2019, an all-Italian solution created and subsidized solely by young enthusiasts who have patented the Biodiesel Kit, an innovative aftrermark solution for sustainable mobility. Six young students have invented a quick, effective and above all smart solution to replace fossil fuels in old diesel vehicles. Thanks to a kit that can be mounted on any transport tool, it will be possible to use Biodiesel as an alternative fuel. The results obtained are excellent and this has led large companies to take an interest in the project from all over the world, so much so that the founders found themselves having to make important choices and rejecting a 5 million euro purchase offer, because they are sure of to be able to transform this reality into an entrepreneurial company capable of generating profits and technological innovation applied to mobility precisely in the land where the most famous and interesting engines in the world were born. This aftermark solution makes it possible to transform polluting vehicles into completely green vehicles and was developed mainly to allow the ecological transition of trucks and for road hauliers.

Not only will it be possible to avoid the restrictions imposed by anti-pollution laws but also to have greater attention on the environmental impact of freight transport. Solutions for a lower impact cannot wait for technological innovation to reach everyone, it needs to be cheap and to be scalable and suitable for everyone: this is the thought behind the solutions offered by ReFuel Solution which understands the importance of be called to an ecological transition as fast as possible to safeguard the planet. The solution conceived by this company, the Biodiesel Kit is specially formulated to provide anyone who requests it with a performing option capable of adapting to any vehicle. Only by providing the right solution to every type of need can we offer alternatives suitable for every specific customer need and for this reason the kit is designed as a modular and perfectly compatible system. Optimizing the results for public transport using waste oil, equipping waste collection vehicles with an ecological system is now possible thanks to this start-up and more and more municipalities and regions must start to do their part in the process of reducing waste. pollution. To date, ReFuel solution offers specific solutions for heavy vehicles such as tractors and trucks and is in contact with partners from the USA and the Far East to provide integrated solutions to reduce the environmental impacts not only of vehicles on the road but also of electric generators, trains, tractors. and even vaporetti. The results obtained by the ReFuel Solution are really excellent and deserve to be analyzed specifically:

The circulation of any type of vehicle equipped with Biodisel Kit reduces the emission of particulates by 60%;
CO2 production is reduced;
older diesel trucks and vehicles can evade restrictions on polluting traffic;
the ecological transition of road workers is supported with lower costs and better results;
the overall view is such as to also allow an ecological reuse of waste such as used oil.

The company’s expansion possibilities are impressive as are its uses in everyday life and technological innovation designed in a simple and smart way and that is why ReFuel Solution plans to enter the market in style in the third quarter of 2023. and intends to make use of important partners to make its innovative idea a profitable reality for the environment and for its own founders.