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Official Partner – OverTech – Eng

OverTech: beyond precision mechanical machining

OverTech s.r.l. is based in Mirandola, in the heart of the Motor Valley, where engines and precision mechanics are not just jobs but a way of life, a style. This company with years of service behind it was born with the specific intent of satisfying all customer needs by taking care of every single detail. OverTech with its large staff of professionals manages to have an artisan attention to each individual creation while maintaining punctuality, speed and practicality of the systems. This means being able to assist every single reality that turns to the company throughout the design and construction process thanks to the attention typical only of a company that makes precision mechanics its core business and has the desire and passion to improve day after day by improving their production processes from time to time. This is the ideal company, the excellence necessary to become part of Made in Motor Valley, for all companies that want to customize and improve their production strategy by relying on an excellent partner.

Being based in the heart of Emilia-Romagna where the most important automotive businesses in the world have developed such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati has created the ideal environment to work not only with passion but with specific efficiency to achieve the highest quality standards in the world. sector. Customer satisfaction is the first objective of the company capable of redefining its standards and bringing effective and impactful solutions to each of its services: from monitoring control processes to assembly, production and implementation of projects. high mechanics. Specialists in the production of components in different metal alloys and technopolymers, in welding and assembly, the company is also able to develop projects for any type of industrial application. Thanks to a consolidated business and a widespread knowledge of the territory OverTech manages to stand in the way as an interpreter and intermediary of all the creation and realization needs, relying on reliable and well-established partners, throughout the Emilia-Romagna territory and beyond, to provide always a turnkey service.
The company thus manages to be the ideal outsourcing solution for all production chains, so much so that it has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification for its continuous search for operational quality. The possibility of intervening in every phase of the project makes OverTech one of the best precision mechanics realities to which to entrust one’s business plans.