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Official Partner Blackbox Eng

Black Box: Cutting-edge energy efficiency

Black Box Green is a company founded in 2015 and which immediately distinguished itself for its ability to foresee the future, to innovate completely and also to look to respect for the environment. The field of action of the company is that of energy efficiency: a really important topic and increasingly on the agenda not only for the undoubted advantages at an environmental level but also for the reduction of consumption and the reduction of costs. . Black Box Green is one of the most advanced services capable of obtaining innovative patents all over the world such as Sanibox, presented in Dubai. An efficient and always active system, which allows to sanitize small and large high-risk environments wherever it is necessary and without any risk for people and their health. Sanibox is a smart and innovative product that aims to become an international standard. Its greatest goal is to be able to sanitize and eliminate the presence of pathogens on surfaces and in the air 24 hours a day, whenever needed and with people within the environment. Thanks to Black Box Green it will be possible not only to eliminate over 99% of all pathogens in the air but also fine dust, pollen and all allergens present in the air. To make a building 100% safe, Black Box Green innovation is necessary but not only, with Sanibox everyone will be able, through a monitor, to know the purity of the air and have the certainty of being traveling in an elevator, being in a room meeting and much more that has just been freed from all impurities, viruses and bacteria.

Today, with the expansion of Covid-19, it has become clear and increasingly important that every single environment is completely sanitized and safe for those who live there. Precisely for this reason, the company also provides a smart and intelligent predictive control system for ventilation systems that takes into account legionella infections and other pathogens.