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Mario Uncini Manganelli – Eng

Mario Uncini Manganelli

Mario Uncini Manganelli is considered among the most interesting and capable Motorsport and Automotive Consultant Engineers in Italy but it is not possible to reduce his presentation to this alone. Born in Emilia Romagna and graduated in Bologna, he has a heart within him that beats to the warm rhythm of the engines.

Where historical brands such as Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini and Maserati were born, the engineer Mario Uncini Manganelli took his own steps, breathing in what is the historical passion for engines, a territory where this love has become part of the social fabric and which Manganelli carries with him throughout his long career, over 20 years studded with enormous successes on a professional level.

The results achieved by this talented innovator are many and they all have a single common denominator, which is to always obtain better and more efficient running performance that can lead each team to success. His great passion has led him to have direct experiences at 360 ° on the whole world of engines, taking responsibility for research and development but also for the optimization of performance both in Formula1 and with two wheels: both in Moto GP1 and with the SuperBikes.
Mario Uncini Manganelli, who was 5 times world champion (from 2010 to 2014) as head of the engine area of ​​Aprilia Racing, also in Moto GP, is a truly winning palmares. In 2019 he held the position of Chief Engineer of the F1 Mercedes team. His attitudes cannot, of course, stop at those of the creation and design of prototypes and high-performance racing engines but are mixed with leadership and the ability to work towards objectives, motivating each member of the Team from time to time to achieve the goals set in harmony and with the utmost focus: a mix that makes Mario Uncini Manganelli one of the best resources in terms of motorsport both in terms of car and motorcycle competitions. A leader capable of following all phases of engine design and development with over 20 years of career behind him, making his experience as an innovator in development and creation available to the Automotive and MotorSport sectors, without forgetting the skills of dissemination and leadership achieved over the years by covering roles of great prestige.