fbpx Gentilini Power Train: High performance mechanical components that last over time - Made in Motor Valley

Gentilini Power Train: High performance mechanical components that last over time

Gentilini Power Train: High performance mechanical components that last over time

Gentilini Power Train was born in 1967, in the heart of the Motor Valley, a land where engines and precision mechanics represent a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world and not just a job.

The company’s core business is the production of high performance mechanical components that last over time to satisfy many customers around the world. This is why it has a team of experts who take care of every single phase of the production processes.

Its customers are among the most important companies in the world in the sectors: motorcycling, aviation, racing, recreational, machinery for industry and the nautical sector. The company specializes in the production of powertrain components such as: camshafts, crankshafts, rocker arms, tappets, cups …

It is easy to say that being based right in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, in the province of Bologna, has allowed Gentilini Power Train to fully exploit its passion and expertise in the sector. In fact, this is where the most important engine brands in the world such as Ducati, Ferrari and Lamborghini have developed. Today, like yesterday, the company aims to achieve the highest standards and does so with the ability of those who are experienced but want to continue improving day after day.

Gentilini Power Train is a partner who collaborates with the customer and supports him by offering maximum flexibility and technical advice.

Precisely to meet the needs of such a large audience, the company created by Tullio Gentilini is not only a primary agent capable of executing and developing a finished product but also as an expert in the field of mechanical grinding for third parties. In fact, the company also deals with the following processes: straightening, internal and external grinding and thread grinding.

Gentilini Power Train is a reliable partner to whom everyone should turn to have certainty of delivery within the established times, courtesy and professionalism in a dynamic environment where passion drives you to perform at your best and not just to produce.

Nothing can be left to chance in the sector and Gentilini Power Train knows this perfectly. This is why it continues to evolve and to focus on training and people who are its most important resource.

In fact, the company has created the “GPT ACCADEMY”, an internal academy with the best professionals to fully train each employee. An academy where everyone improves first as a person than as a professional. The philosophy of the group is that if you improve people you improve companies and consequently the quality of service to customers.