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AUTOFACILE is a company with over 40 years of experience in the automotive sector, which has the desire to integrate innovation and tradition in its core business. It could not be otherwise for a company born in the Motor Valley and with roots so well rooted in the world of motors, in Emilia Romagna the love for cars is not just passion, but a way of living and feeling the bond with the territory, a way of thinking, of being.

AUTOFACILE makes use of simplified processes and exclusively of highly qualified professionals in the sector, to accompany all automotive operators in the management of the most complex moment of their activity, that is the after-sales in all its aspects and phases.

For all of the company’s partners, this means reaching a real competitive advantage on the market in a short time, where there are problems, AUTOFACILE offers innovative solutions, and this allows each individual partner to stand out from the competition, even in a highly competitive market. like the automotive one.

At the disposal of each customer, there is a real network of integrated systems, an ecosystem of services, capable of providing the necessary security, to reduce complaints and increase earnings, as well as the right support to simplify work processes, increase customers and satisfy their every need.

Thanks to its qualities, AUTOFACILE can be at the side of every company and / or professional during its entire working process. Those who know the world of engines in depth understand perfectly how prompt and professional responses are needed, as well as receiving sales and after-sales advice and assistance, is essential for a small multi-brand car show, as well as for a large official dealer.

Even being able to count on an emergency roadside assistance service, with high quality TÜV certified, allows you to make a good impression with your customers, increasing your image as a quality operator and in step with the times.

Those who enter this corporate ecosystem, made up of a concrete desire to achieve success, can count on a precise and efficient management of the conventional failure guarantee system, the most up-to-date and quality (also TÜV certified) on the market, and not only for cars and motorcycles, but also for commercial and industrial vehicles, as well as campers and caravans.

The experience in the field of those who love their work and do it with passion, looking to the future without forgetting the main experiences of a life, constitutes a professional background that certainly cannot go unnoticed, and that is why today the company manages nearly 50,000 vehicles and satisfies over 2,000 customers.

The secret of the company is easy to discover, but very difficult to replicate: putting passion and the will to grow at the service of each customer, building the metrics of their success on the satisfaction and growth of their partners.

Precisely for this reason, AUTOFACILE is configured as one of the best companies, supporting the daily activities of all the dealers in the automotive supply chain, whether they are multi-brand car showrooms, official dealerships, importers and distributors, rental companies.